RADIATION – Protection and Mitigation

This challenge focus area seeks to complement and support NASA’s current investments in radiation detection technologies by leveraging on external resources to identify and develop precision radiation detectors.

This challenge topic also includes a call for research results and pharmaceutical agents which support the control or mitigation of space radiation health risks.

LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS – Increase Oxygen Recovery

This challenge focus area seeks to explore new methods to increase the recovery of oxygen (O2) from the carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled during crew respiration.

CREW HEALTH - Medical Systems and Operations

This challenge focus area seeks to complement or jump-start NASA’s current or planned investments in: 

  • Exploration Lab Analyses Technologies
  • Flexible Ultrasound Technologies/Modalities
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Technologies
  • Assisted Medical Decision Support 
  • Augmented Reality Platforms 

EARTH SCIENCES – High Resolution Measurements of Key Greenhouse Gases

This challenge focus area seeks to enable the use of space based LIDAR systems and related technologies which create measurements of the Earth’s atmosphere with unprecedented fidelity.

PROPULSION - Energy Storage Technologies

This challenge focus area seeks to complement NASA’s current investments in electrified propulsion by focusing on research in high specific-energy storage technologies to address stringent weight requirements for aircraft propulsion applications.

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